Millions of people rely on digital financial tools to help them manage their everyday lives. To support this, it is crucial that financial institutions embrace a digital strategy that gives users convenient and secure access to their financial data.

Plaid Exchange is an open finance solution that enables the data connectivity that users expect, with an API that financial institutions can implement quickly and securely. It combines Plaid's experience with technology and financial data into a platform built for institutions of all shapes and sizes.

Simplify your integration needs

The API is compatible with other data partners, removing the need to build multiple integrations

Empower your customers

More easily build tools for your customers to manage and control the data they share with apps and services

Future-proof data access

Save on costs associated with building and maintaining an API

Optimize infrastructure load

Benefit from smarter scheduling and load management for data updates


Open finance made easy

A tokenized API integration helps ensure even more reliable integrations with the 4,500+ apps on the Plaid network today

Open finance made easy

Enterprise view

Dashboards and tools give you visibility into the health of your connections in the Plaid network

Enterprise view

Consumer access and control

Easily build a control center where people can manage the data they share with financial apps

Consumer access and control

Network data features

Improve data quality with exclusive features like transactions categorization, real-time transactions data, and more

Network data features

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