ACH payments can improve your bottom line.

Plaid can help you integrate an ACH payment option that’s user-friendly and cost-effective.

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Merchants pay almost 3% on every credit card transaction. ACH is cheaper than cards, making it ideal for high-ticket purchases and recurring payments.

Customers can start paying in a matter of seconds by simply entering their bank username and password.

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Less churn

Credit cards expire every three years, as well as getting lost or stolen. ACH uses checking accounts, which don’t expire or get lost.

Mitigate fraud

Plaid-powered ACH reduces fraud risk by instantly verifying the identity of the account owner, including name, address, email, and phone number.

Reduce NSF fees

Worried about NSF, overdraft, or chargeback fees? Don’t be. All it takes is a simple account balance check, and you’re in the clear.

The credit card fee on a $10,000 transaction is a very meaningful dollar amount for a business like ours. We needed to find a way to save money on fees while giving patients more flexibility about their payment options.
Jamie Karraker, Co-Founder of Alto PharmacySee the full case study