6.x to 7.x Migration Guide

Reference for migrating the Link React Native SDK from 6.x to 7.x


This article provides a guide on how to upgrade a Plaid integration from the React Native 6.x SDK to the 7.x SDK.

Update Android versions

In your build.gradle you no longer need to specify the sdk-core or okhttp3 dependencies.

  • Remove implementation 'com.plaid.link:sdk-core:3.2.0+'
  • Remove implementation 'com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp:4.9.0+'

Update iOS versions

Update your Plaid pod dependency to 2.0.8 or greater.

pod 'Plaid', '~> 2.0.8'

Update Plaid component

PlaidLink is now built with TypeScript! PlaidLink renders a Pressable component, which wraps the component you provide and intercepts onPress events to open Link. Additionally, the structure of the inputs has changed.

  • Pass in all properties using the tokenConfig
  • You must not use the oauthNonce or oauthRedirectUri

linkLogLevel has been added as an optional parameter, which can be used to output useful debugging information.

Public key integrations

Note that tokenConfig implementations are preferred to the deprecated publicKeyConfig implementation. You can migrate to a token configuration using the Link Token migration guide.

If you are using the deprecated public key integration, please be aware of these changes:

  • Pass in all properties using publicKeyConfig:
    • product has been renamed to products.
    • env has been renamed to environment.
    • oauthNonce, oauthRedirectUri and oauthStateId are now encapsulated in oauthConfiguration.
    • component and componentProps have been removed and you may now use children to pass in a component.

Update Success, Exit and Event types

The output types for Success, Exit and Event have been unified across Android and iOS.

For a full listing of changes, see the platform-specific migration guides:

Output type changes for Android

Output type changes for iOS

For the full API specifications, see the main docs.