Link changelog

To ensure compatibility with the current SDK, track changes Plaid has made to Link

Note that this changelog includes updates that affect Link on all platforms or on web. For SDK-specific updates to Link, updates are no longer tracked in this changelog. Instead, see the GitHub release history or README for the specific SDK you are using.

April 2021
  • Clarified that the following onEvent callbacks are stable OPEN, EXIT, HANDOFF, SELECT_INSTITUTION, ERROR, but the remaining are informational.
March 2021
  • Removed the MATCHED_INSTITUTION_SELECT transition view event, after consolidating the returning user institution select view.
  • Added the SELECT_BRAND onEvent callback, after shipping a change that groups institution login portals within the same institution brand.
  • Stopped sending IS_MATCHED_USER and IS_MATCHED_USER_UI because these events are duplicates. You should use MATCHED_CONSENT and MATCHED_SELECT_INSTITUTION to identify when a returning user is recognized and chooses an institution that we pre-matched.
August 2020
  • We updated error messages for Link to provide more actionable instructions for end users, making resolution troubleshooting easier.
  • We made account filtering available across all our products, so you can configure the Link flow to guide end users in selecting relevant institutions and accounts.
  • We released updates consisting of bug fixes to our Link SDK on iOS (v1.1.35).
July 2020
  • We launched Link tokens and new event logs. Link tokens provide a way to integrate with Link using a one-time token in place of the public_key. New event logs allow you to see Link data such as successful Link sessions, flows exited, and errors encountered directly in the Dashboard.
  • We released new updates to our SDKs on iOS (v1.1.34) and Android (v.2.1.0), which include support for Link tokens.
June 2020
  • We released new updates to our SDKs on iOS (v1.1.33), which include improved Link flow event reporting, and Android (v2.0.0). They’re available via CocoaPods, Carthage, and GitHub.
May 2020
  • We released new versions of our Link SDKs on iOS (v1.1.32) and Android (v.1.4.1) with general bug fixes.
April 2020
  • We released new versions of our Link SDKs on iOS (v1.1.30) and Android (v1.3.0) which include improvements to analytics, crash reporting, and more.
March 2020
  • We added the ability to filter by account subtype for checking and savings accounts with the Auth product, allowing you to further optimize the Link flow.
  • We released new versions of our Link SDKs on iOS (v1.1.29), Android (v1.2.1), and React Native (v3.1.2).
February 2020
  • We released the first version, v1.0.0, of our Android SDK from beta. The latest changes include bug fixes and alerts when new versions are available. In the future, simply update the SDK by changing the version number.
January 2020
  • We released LinkKit v1.1.26, which includes bug fixes for federated authentication, manual microdeposits and account selection.
  • We released Link Android SDK v0.3.3, which includes support for out of process webviews using Chrome Custom Tabs.
November 2019
  • We now officially support Link on React Native with a new SDK, bringing unified support to React Native apps.
October 2019
  • We released LinkKit v1.1.24, which includes new callback events and balance localization support.
September 2019
  • We released account subtype filtering in Link iOS and Web, enabling you to either show student loan servicers only or credit card institutions only in Link.
  • We released LinkKit v1.1.23.
August 2019
  • We released LinkKit v1.1.22, which improves the account linking flow for non-US financial institutions.
July 2019
  • We released LinkKit v1.1.21, which includes a bug fix for the account select flow.
May 2019
  • We released LinkKit v1.1.19, which includes French and Spanish language support along with the ability to connect accounts from European institutions.
March 2019
  • We released LinkKit v1.1.17, which includes support for the new Link country filter. Now, when initializing Link, you can specify whether you’d like to show only Canadian institutions, only US institutions, or both.
February 2019
  • We released LinkKit v1.1.15, which includes support for the new Auth features, including account authentication using micro-deposits.
November 2018
  • We improved the Link experience by informing users about connectivity issues with banks before connecting their account. When banks are experiencing significant issues, users will temporarily be directed to connect their account at a different bank to reduce frustration and drop-off during the onboarding process.
October 2018
  • We released LinkKit v1.1.13, which includes better VoiceOver accessibility as well as other bug fixes and improvements.
September 2018
  • We added 6,300 new bank logos and colors to Link Web and iOS, thereby helping users better find their institution when connecting accounts. It’s now easier than ever to figure out which of the dozens of institutions each named “First National Bank...” is yours.
  • We released LinkKit v1.1.12, which adds support for security code auto-fill on iOS 12 as well as other bug fixes and improvements.
August 2018
  • We released LinkKit v1.1.11, which includes support for alphanumeric MFA codes and the ability to customize Consent in Link.
July 2018
  • We released LinkKit v1.1.10, which includes a better experience for users who need to unlock their accounts with a financial institution before connecting their accounts. We also added 500 new logos for longtail institutions and improved the quality of logos that are currently in production.
May 2018
  • We released Link iOS v1.1.9, which includes visual user interface modifications to create more similarity between Plaid Link for web and iOS
April 2018
  • We improved the search experience in Link Web and iOS, including augmented query matching and more comprehensively incorporating institution popularity into search result ordering.
  • We released LinkKit v1.1.8, which includes improved password manager support along with further UI unification bringing Link Web and iOS closer together.
March 2018
  • We made major improvements to the Link Web experience on mobile browsers. Link will now open in the same mobile browser window from which it was initialized, making for a more seamless experience within client applications.
  • We released LinkKit v1.1.6 and v1.1.7, with improved third-party password manager support, a customizable exit button below search results, a smoother exit experience for users when Select Account is enabled, and more account metadata on handoff.
February 2018
  • We released v1.1.5 of Link for iOS, which improved error handling during initialization, removed the need for users to re-populate the username field when retrying a login, improved password manager support, and modified the user interface to take advantage of some additional best practices from Link on the web including more prominent button styling on the Institution Select view. We also improved iPhone X support of Link on the Mobile Web, including a better scrolling experience when searching for an institution. Link plays nicely inside of Facebook Messenger now, too.