Introduction to Income Verification (beta)

Verify income and paystubs with Income Verification (beta).

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Income Verification (beta, US only) allows you to verify a user's income automatically based on paystubs they provide.

Verification of Income flow

  1. Call /income/verification/create, which returns the income_verification_id used to initialize and identify your Income Verification instance. You will need to provide your client ID and secret, as well as a webhook endpoint.

  2. Provide the income_verification_id from the previous step to /link/token/create to create a link_token.

  3. On the client side, use the link_token to initialize Link.

  4. Your end user will be presented with the Plaid Link interface, where they can upload their paystub to verify income:

  1. After the user has uploaded their income verification materials, they will be automatically parsed, a process that typically takes several minutes. Once this process is complete, Plaid will send a webhook INCOME: verification_status to the webhook endpoint specified in Step 1.

  2. After receiving the INCOME: verification_status webhook, you can use the endpoints /income/verification/summary/get and /income/verification/paystub/get to programmatically access the user's income and paystub information, such as income received YTD, projected annual income, and the income amount before and after tax indicated on the paystub. You can also retrieve a copy of the original uploaded paystub by calling /income/verification/documents/download.

Beta limitations

While in beta, Income Verification is subject to the following limitations:

  • Use of Income Verification requires acceptance into the beta program. To request access to Income Verification, contact your Plaid Account Manager.
  • Information provided by Income Verification endpoints cannot be used to make underwriting decisions, it can only be used to verify information that an end user has provided.
  • Income Verification is not supported by Plaid's mobile SDKs, only by web and WebView-based implementations.
  • Client libraries are not yet available for Income Verification.
  • Like all Plaid beta APIs, the Income Verification API is subject to change without notice. Consult your Plaid Account Manager before using a beta API in production.