Plaid Direct Deposit Switch


January 28, 2021

Introducing Plaid Deposit Switch: Automating account funding

Ashley Cornall

More financial platforms exist than ever before to help users take control of their financial health. However, it can still be difficult for users to direct where their payroll funds go when choosing services that best fit their financial needs. Changing where direct deposits go is usually a manual and time-consuming process for both financial institutions and end-users. For example, in order to transition income to a new bank, many users typically have to complete a bank-provided form to collect their new account details, and then bring that form to their employer. With a paper-based process, there’s little to no clarity around when their paycheck will start flowing to the new account, which can leave the user feeling anxious and perplexed.

For financial institutions, high-friction onboarding experiences can lead to user drop-off and inactive accounts—and can ultimately prevent banks from becoming a user’s primary financial institution. A significant opportunity exists for expanded innovation that leads to better user outcomes. Plaid can help by building the infrastructure that bridges the gap between financial institutions and payroll data, starting with direct deposits. 

Announcing Plaid Deposit Switch

Today, we’re excited to announce Plaid Deposit Switch, a new product, currently in beta, that makes it faster and easier for users to establish or change the destination of their paychecks. By automating direct deposit account funding, banks can optimize their account funding flows, and ultimately increase customer lifetime value.

Optimized for conversion and coverage, Deposit Switch offers both instant and fallback methods for users setting up recurring account funding. Our proprietary instant switch method connects a user’s payroll or employer account directly through Plaid Link. Instant account funding is available for employees at large and small companies, as well as gig economy workers. For users unable to utilize our instant switch method, we’re building a fallback method. Users will be able to ask Plaid to contact their employer on their behalf to update their direct deposits - no forms required. 

We are excited about the positive feedback received from our beta partners, including Lili and Yotta: 

“Fintech has given people more choices to find what works best for their specific money management needs,” Liran Zelkha, CTO, Lili, which provides banking services for freelance workers, including no-fee early access to wages with direct deposit. “Plaid Deposit Switch is helping us streamline the account funding process, which will give customers a better experience and should also benefit our customer acquisition and retention.”

“Yotta helps customers develop better financial habits by making it easy and fun to build and grow their savings,” Ben Doyle, Co-Founder, Yotta. “Working with Plaid, we’ve made it faster and easier for customers to take the first step by establishing and funding their accounts with direct deposit. Yotta also integrates with Plaid Exchange, so customers can securely use their Yotta account with other fintech apps for digital payments, financial planning, investments and more. Fintech is the new normal for most Americans and Plaid helps Yotta meet customers where they are.”

Get on the waitlist for the private beta

We are currently accepting new beta partners to help build the future for how consumers can control their payroll financial identity. Whether you are a bank providing users with better interest rates or a lending enterprise operationalizing your underwriting flow, we’re excited to partner with you.

To get more details and sign up for the early access beta program, visit our Deposit Switch page.